Receiving Aid

The Financial Aid Office will begin to process financial aid applications for the fall term in the preceding spring.

First-time, full-time new student financial aid offers will be processed in mid-January. Continuing student processing of financial aid offers for begins in late May. New transfer and graduate students will begin to be processed in mid-June.

All students are formally notified of their financial aid offers in a letter sent to the home address via U.S. mail. Should any changes in your financial aid occur, financial aid offer notifications reflecting those revisions will be sent to your University of Pittsburgh email account. Students are strongly encouraged to check their University email if they are a current Pitt student or their personal email if they are a newly admitted freshmen. Remember to monitor junk mail in the event you are anticipating correspondence and have not yet received it.

Once application processing begins, financial aid applications are reviewed weekly on a continuous basis. If you complete your financial aid application after July 1 and do not receive a financial aid offer within three weeks of the date your application was complete, please contact our office. “Student Aid Notes,” is sent to all students with their initial financial aid offer each year. “Student Aid Notes” contains more details about specific financial aid offers, eligibility criteria and other requirements.

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